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Step into the future of trucking with our industry-leading 82-18 split for owner-operators! We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to thrive in the transportation industry, which is why we're proud to offer an unparalleled split that puts more money back in your pocket. 

82% Self Dispatch Program


What's Included in the 82%?

Cargo Liability Insurance – Previously $295 week.

ELD/Dash Cam - Previously $25 week.

Pre-pass – Previously $6.05 week.

Huge fuel savings through our fuel card. 

Shop and Maintenance discounts.

The best back office support.

O/O's are able to build relationships with shippers or manufactures and run direct through our MC. 


Plate Program-Optional

$50 per week.

You're required to have our pre-pass/EZ pass if you have our plates.

All tolls will be charged to your settlement. 


TRC dispatch - 2% per load

Trailer Rent-Optional

Varies based on equipment. 

Dry Van - $195/week.

Reefer- $380

Flatbed- $$200-$250

Load Boards-Optional

DAT $25/ week.

Truckstop $38/ week



Since owner-operators are not employees they are not covered by workers comp insurance. OAC works in place of workers comp to cover if you're hurt while on duty. OAC is required but optional to purchase on our policy.

$35/ week

NTL Insurance (Bobtail)

Insurance to cover if have an accident while bobtailing or not under load. NTL is required but optional to purchase on our policy.

(ex: using the truck to go to the store and having an accident)

 $45 per month.

Physical Damage Insurance

This should be enough to cover replacing your truck but if the truck is paid off, it’s not required. If the truck is financed then it is required by the finance company and they will advise the amount of coverage.

PD is 4.5% of the value of the equipment.

Formula = value of equipment x 4.5% divided by 12, add NTL $45 and divide by 4.

Non-Working Deposit

$1500 divided into 15 installments. This is set aside so that if the O/O leaves, it offsets any trailer recovery, trailer damage, tire wear, unpaid or short-paid loads, tolls, etc.

Equipment Hold (ELD/CAM)

$500 equipment hold until all equipment is returned or to offset any negative balances. Will be divided into 2 installments of $250.


States with Mileage Tax 

Oregon - $.24 per mile traveled on roadway, charged back monthly

Connecticut - $.11 per mile traveled on roadway, charged back quarterly

California/ Pennsylvania 

 We can not do loads that both pick up and deliver in CA or PA.

 We can either pick up in CA or PA and deliver out of state or we can pick up out of state and deliver in state.

Trucks must have emission (Carb) test/certification to enter or drive through CA and be registered on

This is the responsibility of the O/O.


$50/month (Quarterly taxes & Filing fee)

If you use your own fuel card you are required to file your own ifta.

Health Coverage

We offer health coverage, eligible after 60 days, and starts beginning of the following month. All coverage is optional. Ask payroll for pricing. ​

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