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86/14 Flat Rate Deduction Plan

Our new 86/14 Flat-Rate Deduction program is built for the truck owner who just wants to get out there and drive and not worry about the headaches involved with searching load boards, negotiating with brokers, and dealing with deductions. Like all of our programs, the 86/14 split is a non-forced dispatch program where you choose where, when, and for how much you move your truck. You will be paired with a dispatch team who will work for you, searching for loads that meet your requirements, and assisting you with all back-office tasks. 
If you do not have your own trailer, you can choose dry vans, flatbeds, and/or refrigerated trailers from us.

Minimum Requirements to Drive with TRC:

* Minimum 2 years CDL-A experience

* No excessive motor carrier history

* Professionalism

* Safety Focused

* Customer Service Oriented

* Great running / DOT legal equipment

* Financially stable business owner

* Must be self-reliant when it comes to repairs and breakdowns

TRC Owner-Operator Benefits:

Cost-Plus Fuel Discounts at Pilot/Flying J locations
Major tire distributor discounts
Access to health benefits after 60 days (additional cost)
Discount phone plan
Exclusive Contract Freight**
Dedicated Lanes **
**Dedicated lanes and contract freight have a 2% service fee added.

86/14 Dispatch Program Deductions:

ELD/Front Facing Camera $25.00 per week
Cargo/Liability $295.00 per week
Escrow $50.00 per week for 20 weeks totaling $1000.00
Plates (If needed) $50 per week for 34 weeks totaling $1700.00

Optional Deductions:

Trailer Rental $195.00-$450 per week (we have dry vans, flats, steps and reefers available)
DAT Loadboard $25.00 per week
Truckstop Loadboard $38.00 per week
Physical Damage Insurance- 4.5% of the value of the truck plus $45 for NTL/Bobtail*
Occupational Insurance $35.00 per week*
*We do require bobtail insurance but you're not required to get it through us.
*We highly recommend Occupational Insurance in case of injury

Fill out an application Today

TRC has partnered with Tenstreet to make your application a breeze. Click the button below to fill out an application and one of our recruiters will call you back within 24 hours.

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