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Your Drive To Succeed Is Our Top Priority

A carrier built by industry professionals to maximize our partners profits and overall happiness.

TRC Top 10

TRC Freight
An all Owner Operator Carrier.
Where professional Owner Operators / Business Owners go for Freedom & Transparency!​​


3 years minimum driving experience


No major tickets or accidents


Must be professional

About Us

About TRC Freight

TRC Freight was founded by industry professionals who, just like you, want to see this great industry thrive. Most important, we want to see the focus return to the ones who keep America moving, YOU, the American trucker. We pride ourselves in not only being the most transparent carrier but also working every day to help you reach your fullest potential and greatest profitability.


Most of our team members hold a CDL and our COO has spent 15+ years OTR. He leads the Operations of the company from a place of empathy and respect because he's experienced everything you have in that driver's seat. We bring a new level of understanding to what you go through and have made a commitment to our partner owner/operators.



  What we are looking for in a partner:

* Minimum 3 years CDL-A experience

* No more than 4 carriers in the last 4 years on job history

* Professionalism

* Safety Focused 

* Customer Service Oriented

* Great running / DOT legal equipment

* Financially stable business owner

* Must be self reliant when it comes to repairs and breakdowns

TRC Freight, The Right Carrier For Your Business!

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Systems That Won't Slow You Down

Valued Owner/Operator Partners

what we offer

We Offer More!

88% Self Dispatch

Total freedom to run your business your way. Closest program to your own authority without the headache of having your own authority.

O/O's can rent one of our Van or Flatbed trailers 
and have the option of running with a dispatcher or being self dispatch.
Freedom and ability to run your own lanes and negotiate your own rates.

We started TRC Freight to end all of the BS and give our partners complete Transparency with total Freedom to run their business, their way.

Great fuel discounts!! 

$90 shop rate with financing options for repairs!!


Weekly Mandatory deductions

ELD/Camera $25

Cargo/Liability Ins $295

Escrow - $1000 divided into 10 weekly installments


Plates (If Needed) - $1700 divided into 5 weekly installments.



Trailer - $195-$250/week

DAT Board $25/week Board $38/week

Physical Damage Ins - 4.5% value of truck plus $45 for NTL/Bobtail


We do require bobtail insurance but you're not required to get it through us.


We highly recommend Occupational Insurance in case of injury.  You can get on our plan for $35 per week.


We also offer health benefits after 60 days that start the beginning of following month.  Rates will be provided at time of sign up.  Single coverage can be signed up for at approximately $50 per week for Health, Dental and Vision.

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What our Partners are saying

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We have been partnered with TRC Freight Inc. since August 2021. Since then we have added more trucks and trailers to our fleet. They help you grow and thrive. They are there for the Owner/Ops to help the succeed. They are very transparent. You see all Rate Cons, know exactly what your pay is. Pay is Direct Deposit weekly on time and correct. If there is an issue which has never happened, They will correct it right away. You can be based out of any part of the country. Choose your own Lanes, dispatch your own or they have a dispatcher Available for you.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Their communication is on top. They put the driver first. Respect is number 1 in their book. They work for the drivers. Always there to help if you need any.  US Veterans, Veteran Owned. They understand what drivers go through on the road. Need time off? Not a problem. They understand and accommodate you. Want to grow your own fleet? There is no limit on how many trucks, trailers and drivers you put on. All in all, we are very happy with TRC Freight Inc. And I know if you were to sign up with them, you’d be very happy as well.


Your Partner In Success


Our Partners Keep 88%


Always Ahead Of The Curve

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