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An all owner-operator carrier where professional owner operators and prospective business owners go for Freedom & Transparency!


Experience the efficiency and versatility of flatbed trucking with our top-notch services. Whether you need to transport oversized cargo or delicate equipment, our expert flatbed trucking team ensures secure and reliable delivery every time.


Trust in our refrigerated trucking solutions to keep your perishable goods fresh and safe during transit. Our state-of-the-art refrigeration technology and experienced drivers guarantee timely and temperature-controlled deliveries, ensuring your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Dry van

Optimize your cargo transportation with our reliable dry van trucking services. Our fleet of well-maintained dry vans and skilled drivers ensure secure, on-time deliveries for a wide range of goods, offering peace of mind for your shipping needs.

Expedited (coming soon)

When time is of the essence, choose our expedited ground shipping services for lightning-fast deliveries. Our dedicated team and streamlined logistics ensure your shipments reach their destination with unmatched speed and precision, making us your trusted partner for urgent transportation needs.

some of our core values

Our Mission

We Deliver With Transparency

At TRC Freight Inc., our mission is to revolutionize the trucking industry through unwavering commitment to transparency and honesty. We believe that trust is the foundation of every successful partnership, and we are dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of our clients, employees, and stakeholders.

We pledge to operate with the utmost integrity in all our dealings, from delivering your cargo safely and on time to providing transparent pricing and communication. Our drivers and staff are not just employees; they are ambassadors of our values. We empower them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to uphold our commitment to transparency and honesty at every step of the journey.

We strive to be a beacon of trustworthiness in the trucking industry, setting the standard for ethical and responsible transportation. Our dedication to clear and open communication means that you will always have the information you need to make informed decisions and track the progress of your shipments.

At TRC Freight Inc, transparency and honesty are not just words; they are the cornerstones of our identity. We are here to serve you with integrity, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to your success. Together, we'll drive towards a future where trust is the driving force behind every mile we travel.

Our Vision

Our Vision of Honesty

At TRC Freight Inc., we envision a future where our commitment to transparency and honesty redefines the trucking industry. We aim to be the trailblazers, setting new standards for integrity, reliability, and ethical business practices.

Our vision is to become the most trusted name in transportation, where clients and partners choose us not only for our exceptional service but also for our unwavering dedication to openness and truthfulness. We see a world where transparency is the norm, where customers have full visibility into their shipments, and where the integrity of our operations is unquestioned.

In this future, our drivers and employees are the embodiment of trust, empowered by a culture that values honesty above all else. We aspire to foster a work environment where every member of the TRC Freight Inc. team takes pride in upholding our principles.

As we move forward, our vision is to continually innovate, leveraging technology and sustainable practices to enhance the transparency of our operations while minimizing our environmental footprint. We see a future where TRC Freight Inc. stands as a beacon of integrity, inspiring positive change throughout the industry.

Together with our clients, employees, and partners, we are shaping a tomorrow where trust and honesty reign supreme, and TRC Freight Inc. is the leader in this transformation. Our vision is not just a destination but a journey towards a better, more transparent, and trustworthy future in transportation.

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We can transport your goods around the world. We have offices in almost every corner of the earth. Call us for your need today.

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